Golf and Low Back Pain

As with so many health conditions, a little effort to prevent back injury and low back pain goes a long way.  Three key areas of prevention for the sport of golf include: warm-up, swing, and bio mechanics. 1. Warm-up before playing golf to prevent low back pain Going directly to the tee at 7:00 AM, pulling …

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Performance Enhancing Drugs In High School

PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS IN HIGH SCHOOL Laurence Mermelstein, M.D. There are a fair amount of people who continue to remain ambivalent regarding athletes like Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds and their involvement with performance enhancing drugs (PED’s).  Many fans feel that whatever the professional athletes want to put in their bodies is their business. Besides, …

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3 Things That Can Hurt Your Back That You Might Do Every Day

Quick tip #1 - Strenuous housework Cleaning high windows or tub corners can be murder on your back. "Bending, reaching, and twisting all at once is the worst thing you can do," says Ann Brinkley, DC, a holistic chiropractor in San Francisco; it can actually herniate a disk. Cheap fix: Think of chores as a …

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