Our endoscopic spinal procedures are highly-effective, minimally-invasive alternatives to open back surgery. They involve using cutting-edge laser technology instead of traditional surgical tools, which can reduce recovery time, pain, bleeding and scarring.


Many of our patients specifically request endoscopic laser spine surgery – and with good reason.

Using laser energy via an endoscopic approach is associated with a host of benefits, including:

  • Quick recovery
  • Minimal trauma to the surrounding tissue and muscles
  • Minimally-invasive, outpatient procedure
  • Small incisions
  • Safe + effective alternative to open back surgery
  • Less post-surgical pain and blood loss


Traditional open spine surgery, involves making an incision through the skin. The muscles are then dissected and stripped away from the vertebra to expose the spinal pathology. This approach can theoretically damage the surrounding soft tissues, and may result in increased pain, blood loss, and recovery time.

Endoscopic laser spine surgery is vastly different. With this approach, a small incision just large enough to admit a pen-sized cannula is made. Special tools are then used to tunnel to the spinal pathology using fluoroscopic guidance. This approach minimizes the trauma to the surrounding muscles. In addition, minimal-to-no-damage to the bony anatomy is created. A specific medical laser is then used to precisely remove and/or repair damaged disc tissue. The laser leaves virtually no scar and causes minimal damage to surrounding soft tissues.


Lasers are not appropriate or ideal for all spine surgeries.

In fact, they are only suitable in certain instances, for example when we need to:

  • Remove bone, soft tissue, and other structures that are compressing your nerves
  • Shrink herniated disc material

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At Long Island Spine Specialists, we offer two primary laser spine surgery options – one to address disc issues and one to treat arthritis.

Here’s an overview of these procedures:

Laser facet joint nerve ablation

Laser spine surgery is ideal for our patients with chronic pain due to arthritis in the spine.

To begin, we will create a small incision at the site of the arthritic facet joints. An endoscope is inserted in order to visualize the tiny nerves which innervate these joints. When these nerves are isolated, the laser is used to ablate or deaden these nerves. This decreases the pain from the arthritis without damaging the structure of the spine. It is also achieved a long term reduction in pain without the chronic use of injections or medications.

Laser disc decompression

Endoscopic Laser disc decompression is a minimally-invasive procedure that can be done under local anesthesia. It involves inserting an endoscope into the ruptured or injured disc using fluoroscopic guidance. The laser energy is used to ablate the offending disc tissue and decompress the nerve compression which is the cause of the pain.


We can confirm your candidacy for endoscopic laser spine surgery during your initial consultation at our Long Island office, after we have performed a full physical examination and review of imaging studies. Further studies may be needed to determine the extent and severity of your condition.

However, we generally recommend a minimally-invasive laser approach for patients who:

  • Suffer from spinal stenosis, a herniated disc, sciatica or other acute or chronic spinal conditions
  • Can’t work, exercise or engage in daily activities due to their condition
  • Have exhausted conservative treatments – including physical therapy and medication and/or injections
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