When done consistently, short workouts can be very effective. They can build your discipline, tone your muscles, and keep you energetic all day. Use this quick, 10-minute morning workout to jumpstart your day.


Perform this morning workout routine without resting between exercises.

50 Arm Circles

Arm circles may seem like an easy exercise, but they are quite tiring. They will strengthen your arms and shoulders.

How to perform:

  • Stand upright and keep your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Spread your hands sideways and keep them parallel to the floor.
  • Slowly make 25 clockwise circles with your arms. Increase your range of motion after every circle.
  • After 25 reps, make 25 counterclockwise circles.

15 Mountain Climbers

This is one of my favorite full-body exercises. It mainly targets the abs.

How to perform:

  • Get in the push-up position. Tighten your core and keep your hips, shoulders, and ankles aligned in a straight line.
  • Bend the right knee and bring it as close to your chest as possible. Tuck the left knee as you return the right one to starting position. Keep alternating the legs for 15 reps.

15 Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks will get the blood flowing through your entire body in no time.

How to perform:

  • Stand upright and keep your feet together.
  • Jump high as your spread your feet wide apart and clap your hands over the head.
  • Quickly jump again to return to starting position and keep alternating this movement.

15 Hand Walkouts

I recently completed a hand walkout challenge, and it greatly improved my upper body strength. This exercise builds the shoulder, core, and arm muscles.

How to perform:

  • Start in the push-up and keep your core tight.
  • Slowly walk back with your arms as close to your feet as possible. Keep your knees slightly bent.
  • Walk back to starting position and repeat this movement 15 times.

20 High Knees

High knees are a great cardio exercise and they can help loosen your hamstrings.

How to perform:

  • Stand upright and keep your feet close together.
  • Raise the right knee as high as possible and then quickly lower it as you raise the left knee.
  • Alternate the legs 20 times.


Most people dread burpees but they are one of the most rewarding exercises you can ever do.

How to perform:

  • Stand upright, then squat, and place both hands on the floor.
  • Kick back your legs to get in the push-up position.
  • Do one push-up and then kick your legs forward.
  • Quickly jump and clap your hands over the head. Get back on the floor and repeat this movement 5 times.


If you’ve had trouble staying consistent with your workouts in the past, try using rewards to build consistency. Studies show that rewards help us stick to new habits. For instance, you can reward yourself with a book you’ve been eyeing, if you do this workout consistently for 15 days. Then set another reward for 30 days.

Anyone who has ever trained a dog knows that rewards are more effective when they occur immediately after the action, so reward yourself the same day you attain your goal.

SOURCE: https://www.care2.com/greenliving/10-minute-morning-workout-to-supercharge-your-day.html

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