You’re totally missing out, if you usually avoid burpees; they’re one of the best exercises. They target every single muscle in your body, which means they build muscle and strength fast.

I have to warn you, though, that burpees have a high injury risk because, they involve so many different movements. But if you avoid the common burpee mistakes listed below, you can do them without getting injured.

Now, don’t disqualify yourself with excuses like I’m too weak or too old to do burpees. Here’s a beginner burpee variation anyone can do:


1. Landing on Your Heels

You have to master proper landing, if you usually do exercises that involve jumping.

Landing on your heels puts a lot of impact on your ankles and knees, which can cause an injury. It’s better to land on the balls of your feet. That way, all the impact goes to your calf muscles.

Do the same thing when jumping rope or doing jumping jacks.

2. Not Warming Up

We all know that warming up is important, but most people still don’t do it. A good warm-up is even more important when doing burpees, since the exercise engages many joints.

A full body warm-up will put you into workout mode. Do simple exercises, like high knees or running on the spot, for three to five minutes.

3. Sinking Your Hips

It’s easy to mess up your form, since burpees include so many movements. You have to be keen and remember to keep your hips, torso and knees aligned in a straight line when you get in the plank position.

You can easily keep your hips from sinking by tightening your butt and abdominal muscles. Don’t ignore this, since sinking your hips increases the risk of lower back pain.

4. Not Doing Easier Variations

I understand wanting to challenge yourself, but doing the hardest burpee variation before you’re ready can cause injuries.

Do easier burpee variations that don’t make you strain you too much. Most times, I do burpees without push-ups. That way, I can do more reps and enjoy my workout.

5. Poor Arm Landing

Have you ever experienced shoulder pain or swollen shoulders after doing burpees? If so, your arm landing was the problem.

Landing with a lot of impact strains your elbows and shoulders, and it can actually cause serious injuries. Make sure you place your hands on the floor gently when getting into the plank position.

6. Lack of Intensity (or too Much Intensity)

Lack of intensity doesn’t cause injuries, but it does make doing burpees less effective. You have to perform burpees at a fast pace in order to burn more calories and improve your endurance.

But don’t go too intense too fast, or you can end up messing up your form, which can lead to injury.


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