Most of us have witnessed the addictive properties of sugar: one innocent piece of cake at a birthday party, and next thing you know, you’re hoarding Swedish Fish in your desk drawer with red-stained fingers. Unfortunately, all the sugar we’re eating is really not healthy.

Since sugar is so addictive, many people have a hard time nixing it from their diets. Plus, it’s everywhere, especially in processed foods.

So what can you do? For one, feed your body a balanced diet and provide it with healthy options to alleviate your body’s cravings. Here are 6 foods to make you forget all about sugar:


The coconut is inherently sweet, and once you quit sugar you may be surprised at how the subtle sweetness becomes more pronounced. But more importantly, coconuts are fatty in the best way. Eating plenty of healthy fats and proteins can help keep the body nourished so that you don’t succumb to intense cravings due to feelings of deprivation.


Cinnamon is not only inherently sweet, but it also helps to balance blood sugar levels. And this is not a theoretical overstatement. Studies abound that recommend cinnamon supplements for those with diabetes and insulin resistance. It is very powerful. Whether you are using natural sweeteners or no sweeteners at all, sprinkle a little cinnamon to promote tastiness and health.


Don’t worry, there’s always room for more chocolate. If you’re quitting sugar, super dark chocolate (80 percent or higher) can help satiate those nagging sweet teeth. Taza Chocolate makes a delicious, 95 percent cacao stone ground organic bar called “Wicked Dark” that is 95 percent, which is just enough to get the small hit of sweetness with your cacao fix.

They also make great single origin bars that are around 87 percent dark chocolate. Or, you can be a badass and just opt for raw cacao nibs.


Berries are naturally a low sugar fruit, but you wouldn’t know it. Utilize berries as a healthy treat. If you want to feel especially decadent, top your fresh bowl of berries with a dollop of unsweetened, whipped coconut cream. How delightful!


Roasting or grilling root vegetables can bring out their natural sweetness, so they can be hugely helpful in alleviating sugar cravings. But, veggies are also loaded with fiber, which promotes blood sugar balance.

Snacking on some roasted sweet potato (maybe sprinkled with cinnamon and a little coconut cream for extra blood sugar balance), for instance, is a smart choice for quelling a sudden cupcake craving.


These little tubers are surprisingly sweet. They are also loaded with plenty of insoluble fiber, which makes them an excellent prebiotic for the digestive system. Tigernuts are the key to quieting down my incessant chocolate chip cookie dough cravings. I mix tigernut flour with just a spoonful or so of coconut oil (enough to massage into a type of dough). Then, I chop up and toss in some dark chocolate. Maybe a pinch of salt, too. Mix well and snack away — no sugar needed!

One word of caution, tigernuts have a lot of fiber, so be sure to drink plenty of water, especially if you go overboard on the cookie dough.

There is more to life than sugar. While the first week of quitting sugar can be tough, stock your pantry with an arsenal of delicious, healthy foods to keep you on track. And don’t be too hard on yourself. If you have a little sugar, oh well. You’ll do better tomorrow! You are only human. Eventually, with the right mindset and preparation, you’ll be sugar-free and feeling great!


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