Do you know how to make yourself happy? We often overlook the simple things in life that can provide us with pure joy and happiness, no matter the situation. By mindfully adding one of these simple actions into our everyday lives, we can experience an overall boost in happiness. Start with these 7 under-appreciated tips for brightening your day.

Stargaze. How do you feel when you look at the stars? Small, insignificant, in awe of their majestic span? Studies have shown that awe significantly boosts our own happiness. People who view the night sky with wonder and spend time in beautiful nature were more generous and trusting and experienced higher overall levels of satisfaction.

Stroll through the woods. Walking through a forest has been shown time and time again to lower stress levels. The less stressed you are, the happier you are. Nature walks also boost your immunity and can help you feel more refreshed after a seemingly never-ending week.

Listen to music. Listening to music is a form of meditation, which has long been touted as a happiness booster. Studies have surprisingly shown that listening to sad music is especially mood enhancing. This may be due to the cathartic experience we have when we connect with emotional music. But, music in general is fuel for the mind and increases productivity, so turn up your favorite playlist to keep your outlook bright.

Practice hobbies. Exploring a new interest and developing a new skill makes you feel significantly better about yourself. Extra bonuses if you get exercise with your new hobby or take it on with a good friend—both powerful happiness boosters. Some ideas are tennis, knitting, home coffee roasting, bouldering, making jam, biking, card games, woodworking… whatever piques your interest!

Drink coffee or tea. In a pinch, caffeine is a terrific mood booster. It has also been shown to decrease the risk of depression in women. No one’s saying you have to get addicted by drinking multiple cups every morning, but having some green tea in the afternoon or a small amount of coffee around 11am can actually improve alertness, mood and productivity.  For some, drinking coffee first thing in the morning can be an overload, especially because cortisol levels are at their peak in the first hour upon waking. Try sipping a small amount throughout the day for prolonged benefits without a big crash.

Read a good book. Rather than just mindlessly scrolling through Netflix for a new comedy series to binge watch, pick up a good book instead. Reading fantastical novels about adventure and exploration can increase your happiness and even inspire you. Need a go-to to get you started? Try one of the Harry Potter series or Cheryl Strayed’s Wild.

Se daily goals. Making a list of what you’d like to accomplish each day can make you feel more accomplished. Even if it is something as simple as waking up and making yourself a healthy breakfast, accomplishing small goals throughout your day will make you feel self-satisfied, powerful and in control of your life.


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