If you suffer from chronic back pain, you should be considering the types of shoes you’re putting on your feet.

Some of the most common and popular shoe styles are actually terrible for back pain and will only make it worse. They cause you to change how you walk, run, and stand for the duration of your time wearing them. This causes muscle imbalances that can cause mystery back pain or make existing back pain worse. With time, wearing the incorrect shoes will only make the painful problem worse. With each step you take, you could be doing horrible things for your back.

Take a second to look at the shoes you wear and see if you are unintentionally hurting your back. Back pain is one of the most common health issues that bugs people, and it can be lessened by selecting the right shoes for your feet.

Worst: Flat Shoes

Surprisingly to most, flat shoes can be extremely problematic. Many flat shoes offer absolutely no support to your feed as you walk. According to research, flats can actually cause 25 percent more pressure on your food with every step than high heels do. This impact pressure builds over time and your hips and lower back take the brunt of it. The lack of padding and arch support will also cause the ligaments and tendons in your feet to overstretch. This all cumulates to produce more problems for your back and can lead to overall body pain.

Best: Tennis Shoes

Running shoes are some of the best shoes for back pain. They are typically designed to address many different issues. Depending on your walking style, you can choose a tennis shoe that fixes your needs. Weather you have a low, natural, or high arch you will be able to find a shoe that best works for you. Tennis shoes can also come with motion control that help pronation, or other stability and cushioned assets. If you are confused about what your needs are, go to a specialized shoe store. They are great at identifying the special characteristics of your running and walking style and will be able to pick a shoe that fits.

Worst: High Heels

High heels are horrible for people with back pain and can make the problem significantly worse. Women probably already understand that a shoe with a heel will hurt by the end of the day, but many men don’t realize that even a small heel from dress shoes or cowboy boots can be a problem. The angel of any heel an inch or over high can cause you to walk with your back arched and your knees slightly bent. It causes your quadriceps to work overtime trying to compensate. The shift your muscles feel rolls up into your spine and will make the back pain worse.

Best: Shoes with Toe Room and Support

Your back will stay the happiest when your toes and grip and flex naturally ask you walk. In addition, shoes with support and a contoured insole will support your arch. These are two key aspects of shoes you should look for if you suffer from back pain. Find shoes that flex with your foot without being overly flimsy or stiff as boards. Shoes with a least half an inch of wiggle room, and shoes that feel comfortable in the store without pinching or binding your foot are the best choices.

Worst: Flip Flops

While these shoes seem breezy and comfortable, much like flats they do not provide any support to your feet. In addition, to keep flip flops from falling off while you walk you have to bunch up your toes. This reduces your ability to use the front of your foot to move forward, and your hips will work overtime to keep you walking. The result is lower body fatigue, muscle imbalance along the back of your leg, and a tender lower back. The cheap and thin flip flops will do the most substantial damage because there is no support for your toes or cushion for your heel.

Best: Prescription Orthotics or Special Insoles

Some shoes will carry a seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. These shoes will be some of the best shoes for your back and should be looked out for. Prescription orthotics are another specialized kind of shoe that will help. There are different types, but go to a specialized shoe store and let them know your needs. They can recommend shoes or special insoles that will elevate some of the pain. By speaking to a professional, you can ensure that you are getting shoes that are the best of the best for your pain needs. Specially designed inserts or insoles can also help relieve back pain in some cases because they provide extra support.

When it comes to back pain, the footwear you choose has a strong influence. Choosing footwear that is supportive, comfortable or recommended by doctors can help to reduce the amount of pain you feel day to day. Wear high heels and flip flops sparingly, and reach for supportive tennis shoes to elevate the pain.

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