So you’ve been a rockstar. At home, you eat super healthy. You only buy what’s on your grocery list, which includes a plethora of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. You’re sure to buy organic to reduce the load of chemicals on your body. And generally, you do an excellent job of keeping sugar out of the house.

But when you go to work there’s not a week that goes by that you’re not celebrating someone or something. Sweets like cakes, cookies, or candies find their way to the break room. And you inevitably fold under the pressure of camaraderie and your inner Cookie Monster.

If you want to stop eating sugar at home and at work, then you need to implement a strategy. The thought alone of eating sugar releases dopamine in your body, which is a neurotransmitter that initiates reward-motivated behavior.

Just seeing sugar in the breakroom makes you feel good, but then you want to follow it up with actually eating it. Instead, you need to choose different rewards or tactics to stop eating sugar at work.


1. Phone a friend.

No person should ever go it alone. If you have the support of a friend or family member, then you’re far more likely to succeed.

Sugar addiction is no joke. And when everyone around is diving in and enjoying the sweets, you’ll have to fight against your brain and peer pressure.

That’s when a strong friend can help pull you through. Give them a phone call or send them a text with a picture of all the sweets. Tell them you’re opting out and need encouragement.

2. Grab a healthy sweet.

Go ahead and walk right past the sweets and grab the apple you packed in your lunch bag. Or the banana, orange, blueberries, or mango. Whatever fruit is your favorite. Pack it and save it for the moment when you crave sweets the most.

Or just to fill your tummy.

It’s harder to refuse sweet treats when you have an empty stomach. So if sweets are tempting and you haven’t had a meal yet, then sit down and eat. You’ll find you have a stronger willpower on a full stomach rather than an empty one.

3. Avoid the breakroom.

Avoidance behavior isn’t the healthiest, so don’t make a habit of it. But if worst comes to worst, avoid the breakroom or wherever the sugar is piling up. At least until you’re able to phone a friend or grab a healthy sweet instead.

The less temptation the better.

4. Tell everyone you’re not eating sweets.

This strategy is similar to phoning a friend. Instead, your coworkers are helping you.

If you let everyone know you’re not eating sweets, then they’ll help hold you accountable with judgmental eyes when they see you lingering too long around the donuts.

5. Remember your why.

Why have you decided to cut back on your sugar intake? Do you have a serious addiction? Like a multiple-sweets-a-day addiction? Sodas, candies, desserts, and then some kind of addiction? Do you have a health problem that could be resolved by cutting sweets? Are you trying to get in better shape?

Remember why you’re choosing to cut sweets.

Empower yourself by taking the stance of choice. It’s your choice to not eat sweets. You do it because you value your health over your addiction to sugar. When you feel empowered by your conscious choice, you’ll find it easier to confidently say, “No, thanks.”


Over time you’ll develop a stronger willpower to say no. Avoiding sweets is a new habit that has to be formed. Once it’s in place it will be easier to say no.

During that process you’ll retrain your taste buds to desire healthier foods so sweet and processed foods will be less appealing. But this all takes time, patience, and compassion for yourself.

Remind yourself that you’re doing great things for your health. And always reach out for support if you need it.


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