Tip 1: Wet and dry measuring

Liquids should be measured in glass or plastic measuring cups devoted to liquids that have a handle and spout, while dry ingredients should be measured in the smaller individual cups.
When measuring dry ingredients, scoop the ingredient into the cup so it is overflowing, then with a straight edge sweep across the top to even it out.
When measuring brown sugar, press it into the cup to pack the sugar in. Then sweep across the top to ensure it is the exact amount required.

Tip 2: Temperature does matter: Preheat your oven
Before starting a recipe, first read it from start to finish. If it calls for baking in the oven, preheat. Waiting for an oven to get hot can be tedious, and an improperly heated oven can ruin a recipe.

Tip 3: Prepping pans
There are different ways to prepare pans for baking to prevent them from sticking. Parchment paper is very effective and can make cleaning up much faster.
Greasing the pans with pan spray or butter is important for baking cakes so they don’t stick, even in nonstick pans.

Sometimes, dusting a greased pan with flour, or adding a parchment paper circle to the bottom can be very effective in removing cakes from their pans.

Tip 4: Which utensil should I use?
Rubber spatulas are very effective for folding in ingredients and scraping the contents of bowls.

Whisks are essential for incorporating air into ingredients such as eggs, either whole or separated, and whipping cream.

Wooden spoons are great for stirring custards and seeing how much they have thickened by removing the spoon and streaking a finger across the back of the spoon.

Tip 5: Silicon is your best friend
Silicon baking mats are great for baking tuile cookies, macaroons and other baked goods that need a good nonstick surface.

Silicon baking cups prevent baked goods from sticking and are easy to clean. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so they can be used to mold ice cream or mousses.
SOURCE: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/articles/annes-top-five-tips-to-bake-like-a-pro.html

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